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Stories are weapons, hence savagely dangerous. A wrong story can have generations hurtling towards a disastrous end like a derailed train. Mankind fall was due to a twist in a narrative by the greatest trickster (think of a supernatural Joker) of all time.

The antidote to the venom of a poisonous story is truth. After Adam came short of God’s glory through misinformation, God gave humanity the Truth, Jesus Christ.

In our age, it behoves Christians to tell the truth about the Truth until the whole world is filled with the knowledge of Christ as the waters fill the earth.

Whether in form of sermons, movies, shows, animation, cartoons, proposals, etc., the primordial form of these expressions is writing.

So, Knight of the Commander of the heavenly hosts, get your pen, use it as a sword and do battle!


This is the last stand…


Dr Ekpo is a Medical Doctor turned storyteller. 

He is the author of A Guide to Christian Writing and one of the writers of Strain (www.strainthemovie.com) which recently won the Urban Film Festival, Best International Movie of 2020 in Miami, Florida. 

A creative consultant, trainer and coach, he consulted for Imperial International Business City (www.theiibc.com) and managed their inspirational series. 

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